3 Tips to Manage Your Life as a Student 

Hello, beautiful readers! As a student, we juggle a lot. We manage classes, homework, socializing, employment and more. I often ask myself: How can I better manage my life? I use the methods below to help manage my life.  1. Use a Planner I began using a planner faithfully this year. I’d be lost withoutContinue reading “3 Tips to Manage Your Life as a Student “

Appreciating the little things in life

Hey everyone! Well, where do I start on this one – this is actually quite a difficult subject to put into words, but I’m gonna try my best and for some reason I just keep feeling that this should be something that I share with you guys. Appreciating the little things isn’t always that easy.Continue reading “Appreciating the little things in life”

How to Maintain a Daily Skincare Routine 

Hello, beautiful readers! Finding a skincare routine that works for you can seem challenging. Underlying most daily routines are 5 basic steps. I use each step in my daily routine, and adapt it based on my sensitive, acne-prone skin. Step 1 – Cleanse  Cleansing the skin removes excess dirt and oil. These components contribute toContinue reading “How to Maintain a Daily Skincare Routine “

Why I won’t follow you back! 

As all bloggers propably do, I love getting comments and likes on my posts. I love interacting with people and I love creating content that is helpful, inspiring and fun. Getting a nice comment is a reassurance that the effort I put into my blog doesn’t go unnoticed. Thing is a lot of the commentsContinue reading “Why I won’t follow you back! “