Travel Wishlist – Let’s go to Iceland

These past few days I have just gotten this urge to travel to Iceland, for some reason? I don't know what it is, but there's just something about this breathtaking country that is calling my name and do I seriously wish I can just book a ticket right now and go explore the beautiful "Land … Continue reading Travel Wishlist – Let’s go to Iceland


Travel Wishlist – USA road trippin

Hey guys! Hope you are all doing good. Before I start with the post, I just quickly want to thank you every one who has clicked on that "follow Blissful Boho blog" button! I woke up this morning with a notification saying that I have 100 followers! What?! So awesome! I am so happy you … Continue reading Travel Wishlist – USA road trippin

Traveling & how it feeds the soul

Hey guys! This is my favourite topic ever and I'm sure so many of you can agree. Traveling really is the best way to feed the soul. It makes you happy and calm in a way nothing else can. I love to travel, as you can probably tell, and me and my family used to … Continue reading Traveling & how it feeds the soul

Kiehl’s: An outstanding first impression 

My night face cream is close to empty. Not because it was amazing but because I can't really afford throwing away full, new products. So naturally I was in the hunt for a new one. The whole web has been raving for quite some time about Kiehl's ultra facial cream. The amazing reviews in addition … Continue reading Kiehl’s: An outstanding first impression 

3 Ways to Practice Self-Care

Hi, everyone! During times when I am stressed, I often push my body and mind to the limit. My focus shifts from self-care to accomplishing tasks. Self-care involves exactly that - taking care of yourself. This is achievable using different methods. I've decided to highlight three below: 1. Treat yourself  It is sometimes easy to deprive … Continue reading 3 Ways to Practice Self-Care