The perfect Christmas outfit

Since the 1st of December hit the calendar an abundance of Christmassy/festive season posts came streaming in and it’s still going of course. Some get excited like a little kid in a candy shop, while others try to avoid these joyous posts about this festive season, but let’s just say I am part of theContinue reading “The perfect Christmas outfit”

What to get for the watch obsessed!

Who here has a person in their lives that are obsessed with watches?? I personally can think of a couple. So naturally since it’s the Holidays the first thing I thought I would get them was a watch. But because those who love watches already have quite the collection already finding a unique watch theyContinue reading “What to get for the watch obsessed!”

A thoughtful Christmas gift with Moonglow

As Holidays are quickly approaching it is time for us to go gift shopping. I personally find it extremely hard to find good gifts for people I love. So when I came across Moonglow I was relieved. Moonglow offers great quality, handmade, custom jewelry that glow in the dark!! ( Everything you need for anContinue reading “A thoughtful Christmas gift with Moonglow”

Why Paper Communication Matters More with Basic Invite 

We live at an era where communication is for the most part carried out online. Although the benefits of instant messaging are obvious sometimes a letter or a card may actually be a better idea.  Sending a wedding invitation, or a gorgeous rose gold foiled card (or just gold, or even silver) with a sweetContinue reading “Why Paper Communication Matters More with Basic Invite “

3 Creative Ways to Add Colour Into Your Makeup Routine

Hello, beautiful readers! Fall is in full-swing, and many of the colour palettes you see in clothing and makeup tend to revolve around darker hues. Colours like burgundy, grey, black, and burnt orange are common. Just because these fall colours are popular doesn’t mean you can’t sneak bright, summery colours into your makeup routine! 1.Continue reading “3 Creative Ways to Add Colour Into Your Makeup Routine”

Drugstore Makeup must haves!

Hey everyone! I know I haven’t posted in a while (sorry) but things are just so busy at the moment and when I want to post something I make sure I have enough time to write something of good quality, because if I write a post in a hurry I would not be happy withContinue reading “Drugstore Makeup must haves!”

The Importance of Practicing Self-Care in College

Hello, beautiful readers! College can be both exciting and sstressful. Practicing self-care is one way to reduce stress and maintain a high quality of life. It is easy to neglect taking care of yourself when your schedule is jam-packed with activity. Self-care is one method to help you relax, unwind and de-stress. 1. Self-care prevents overloadContinue reading “The Importance of Practicing Self-Care in College”

Midweek Motivation

Hey everyone! ♥ I hope you guys have a great week so far. Today is Wednesday (for most of us) and it is the middle of the week, the weekend still seems so far away and you might be feeling like this week just won’t come to an end and it may be causing you toContinue reading “Midweek Motivation”