Making your blog legal (The lazy way)

From online research there are two basic things your blog needs to be “legal”. A disclosure policy if you are earning anything from your blog and a privacy policy if you collect any of the user’s data (such as email). Simple enough right? Well no! Since I am not a lawyer or affiliated with one composing these documents myself is impossible. The good news? There are sites that do the work for you for free! You just answer a series of questions and the site composes the policies for you. You just copy and paste them into a page of your blog! Of course if you have a big blog through which you receive significant income the sound choice is to consult a professional lawyer but for beginners like me I think this will suffice. Here you can compose your Privacy Policy and here the Disclosure Policy. I have tried both sites and you can check the results in the corresponding pages of my blog.

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Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and the information provided are from personal experience and not professional advice.

24 thoughts on “Making your blog legal (The lazy way)

    1. No I mean that you are required by the law to have these policies in place if you earn an income from your blog (even a small one) and collect people’s data (even emails)

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  1. OMG I never thought about this. I only worried about copyright for images or content, etc. This is a great article. I’m going to schedule to share this post. I think it will help a lot of people. Thank you 💜

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