5 Benefits of owning a dog (+ An absurd amount of my dog’s pictures)

A lot of people are in the process of considering getting a dog. So it’s logical for people to wonder why getting a dog is a good thing. So here are the things that I found changed for the better when I got my little baby Bella.

First day home


Having a dog around constantly happy, faithful and willing to lend a paw (no? Ok ) has been scientifically proven to improve your psychological situation.


As you know dogs need walks. That means you kind of have to get out of bed and walk. (Really Naya? Really?) Anyway this is great for your physical health as it gives you a motive to do more.

Silly Dog


In the era of social media and disconnection dogs really just want to be with you. Having a someone present (even a dog) is always reassuring.

Sleepy Baby

Good Teacher

Owning a dog means you have to care for it. (I am great at stating the obvious today) Anyway, caring for a dog teaches you how to care for other people as well. This is especially great when you are in a serious relationship or if someday you hope to have a child. You will be so much more prepared to care for someone other than yourself if you already do this for your pet.


Motive to continue

Especially for people with depression and other relevant psychological disorders owning dogs is said to be pretty beneficial. It gives the you motive to keep going strong since you have a creature who is totally dependent from you.

Eating my new Charlotte Tilbury cream 😭

Weird sleeping positions Do you have a pet? What other benefits have you noticed?

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Would you like a post of the disadvantages of having a dog? Let me know in the comments below!

63 thoughts on “5 Benefits of owning a dog (+ An absurd amount of my dog’s pictures)

  1. oh this was a beautiful post and you are a gift to your pet as they are to you – and all of your points here are such good ones.
    I smiled more and more as the post went on and then the smile on the spiral stairs- wow- fun (and woof)

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  2. I have 4 loving fur-babies. If not for them, I wouldn’t know what to do. Benefit wise they have helped me mentally by distracting me from daily triggers. Love this post soo much!!!

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    1. Awww I am so happy to hear that. I mean really with four dogs do you even have time to do anything else? Greatest distraction!


  3. I love this post. Made me smile and laugh while reading it. I think there are so many benefits including the ones you mentioned. What a sweet pooch!!!!!! Look at that nose!!! Sooo cute!!!

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  4. Bella is so sweet. I really liked reading your post. I’ve a cat and I truly love my Lulu. Having a pet is so therapeutic but at the same time, it’s also a big responsibility because you’ve to look after them.

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    1. Aw I love cats. They are way did though. Having a pet is hard. Those who say it’s easy probably never had one. But in the end they totally worth it!

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  5. Our pets died years ago and we never got new ones as it’s so heart breaking. We now have cats back home. I’m more of a dog person tho.

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    1. I’m so sorry. This is the worst. I’m terrified of the day I will loose her. Maybe it’s time you add another doggie in the family? It’ll bring you so much joy even if it’s not the same.


      1. Thanks. Just enjoy and treasure every moment. It sure will, but I’m not back home so I’ll as soon as I’m settled. So I can take care of the baby myself.


    1. Awww thanks. The right time will come. Wish you will have a huge house filled with doggies. ( Hope you won’t drown in dog hair though 😂)

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      1. We leave our dog with my parents when we travel too. He loves going to Nanny and Poppy’s house as he gets spoilt. He is well taken care off so we are very lucky and have nothing to worry about 😉


  6. I absolutely loved this post!! All your points were so so true, many of which are reasons why I really would like to get a cat.
    Plus, your dog is so adorable😍

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  7. Great photos! We have a black lab, Cody, who’s just turned eight! He’s the center of our home, that’s for sure. I walk Cody twice a day and the benefits are terrific. We have fun together, get much needed exercise, and enjoy the outdoors! It’s all good.

    Thanks again, and what terrific little puppy. Good for you!


  8. We used to have a few dogs. It’s amazing when they know you’re sad. They try to console you. Your pup is so very cute!


  9. Love this post! I know I’ve offended other parents but now that I have a baby – they are like dogs in so many ways! Another benefit – you no longer have to pick up food if you drop it. Unless it’s chocolate in which case you have to dive for the floor before your dog does.


  10. I have two dogs and is not all mellow ! They need care, exercises, attention, good food, vaccines, shampoo, nails done, fur brushed..hmm, all that we need :)) And after all that, comes the good stuff 😉 Love them to death


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