Blog Party!

Do you want your blog to be viewed by thousands of people? Do you want to connect with other bloggers? Then welcome. This is a post dedicated to all of you in order to share and promote your work and find other likeminded individuals.

If you are interested check the rules below:

  • Follow my blog so you don’t miss our monthly parties!!!
  • In a comment write a few things about your blog and a link to either your homepage or your favorite post.
  • Be careful add only ONE link to your comments or they will go to spam. If you want to share more links create separate comments.
  • For each link you share check another one out.
  • No offensive content
  • Have fun!

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304 thoughts on “Blog Party!

  1. Hi people!

    My blog consists of mainly my experiences as well as those of others as experienced by me or you could say ‘observations’ but written in my perspective. Once in a while I try to correct social situations here in Kenya. Be my guest?

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  2. Hi all! I just started my blog a week ago so i am a newbie! My blog is a lifestyle blog that includes makeup and beauty reviews and looks. Recipes, healthy tips gym workouts. Places I have traveled to some of my own experiences and fashion! Please give it a look and I can’t wait to check out all of your blogs!

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  3. Oooo – a blog party?! Very Cool…

    Well guys – please check out my beauty, lifestyle and fashion blog at . I talk about the product I like and use, PR samples, my various attempts at vlogging and everything else that inspires me.

    Hope you enjoy, follow and subscribe!

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  4. Okay so first things first thx so much Naya for hosting this. I am loving your blog and I love love love blog parties!!

    And now hey everyone!! I can’t wait to meet new bloggers here, it’s one of my favourite things to do. So my blog is pretty much about everything and anything. It’s about life in general some of my past experiences some of my complications in it currently. Some motivation and some advice. It’s a platform for people to be themselves and connect to others. A platform where after reading my posts you can rest assured you are not the only one feeling this way. Because everyone may have insecurities and may feel imperfect but you aren’t alone and often that’s forgotten. So yeah I hope you like my little corner of the internet. Please feel free to check it out. Here’s the link:

    Girlalert xxx

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  5. Hi Naya, what a great – and kind idea! I will look forward to reading your blog and some of the others on here. Mine is a mix of my observations, thoughts and rants, with a couple of poems thrown in, I only started at the beginning of January so would love to know if I’m dong ok, thanks again, Fiona

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      • Mimi (Hiya) this is a really stupid question but you’ve brought something to light for me 😂 I’ve just clicked on to what you mean by it being hard for people to follow self hosted blogs, as it just links to the website when you click a persons display name/link, doesn’t it? Rather than taking you to reader! … so is the only way people can follow self hosted blogs by literally clicking the reader link? (Like the one you’ve supplied), I’ve been wondering about this for a while as I’ve had problems trying to follow other peoples blogs before and also, now that my own blog is self hosted I don’t know how people can follow me either 😂😂😂 sorry if this makes no sense, I think I’ve confused even myself 😂😂 x

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  6. About to begin delving into some new blogs, haven’t been blogging for a good half a year now and so I’m a bit out the loop. Looking for new exciting blogs to follow/read!

    My blog is lifestyle based, I chat about everything really, especially things that directly affect us millennials. But there is some fashion/beauty stuff on there too and travel … Come say hi!

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  7. Ooooo… a party! can I come?
    Hi There i’m Angela and I love parties! especially if they involve food and wine. Oh, By the way, my website is about food and wine. I would love for you to come visit. Stay if you like and enjoy some good food and wine.
    You can even mingle a bit. Here is a yummy recipe to get you started.
    Now I must go mingle a bit with all of you.

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  8. My blog is about what I enjoy and struggle through in life. There are posts that are advice based and others are vent sessions and some that showcase my various talents and hobbies! Feel free to check it out!

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  9. hey, what’s up? my name is Sage and I run a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog. I am a soon to be college graduate in Southern California. check out my blog for makeup reviews, ootd’s, college advice, and more! I love connecting with new people, so please don’t be shy and let’s support each other!! xx

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  10. Hi, everyone. I’m Gary and my blog, Sagittarian Seeker, is about all manner of things in my life, my city of Prescott, AZ, nature (both physical and human), my hikes and other travels and matters of faith. I usually write in prose, but poetry sometimes surfaces from my well. Come and visit https:// and you may wish to join my little family of 859 members.

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  11. Ohhh I love blog parties! I’m kinda late though, fashionably late 😉

    I started my blog a few months ago and even though I’m not VERY active, I love it. I write about anything that interests me like travelling, reading, cruelty free products, music and a lot more.

    If you’re interested, feel free to check out my blog! The url is:

    xx Brigit

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  12. Aloha, we are Aspen & Avery. Recently we’ve been doing some thinking and have revamped our blog completely. We’d love it if you had a spare second to check us out as even though we are still under construction, our blog holds a strong message. We believe in women kicking butt and being #girlbosses and would love for you to become apart of the family and join Our Tribe (If you don’t already!). Click ‘Girl Bosses’ to read our first blog post and see what we are all about.
    We are unapologetically authentic.
    Aspen & Avery
    x x x

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  13. Hi all – A little late into this as been busy, but my blog is a little bit of everything. Mainly reviews on make-up products, but also got loads more ideas! If you click the link and have a read, then thank you so much! It honestly means everything to me❤️ Link to my blog –


  14. Hello! My name is Carrie. Thanks Nanya for hosting this blog party! Pretty “new” here – just followed your blog! I hope I’m not toooo lateeeee on this?!? I have a fairly new blog – please check it out at this LINK:

    If you want to smile, learn, be in love, inspired & motivated – do drop by and look around! I usually have “snippets of my life” – with a little of everything in-between and lately, I’ve been writing poems as well. 🙂 Most of my posts are of the “good stuff-good vibes” thingy! You will see more of “MYSELF” too in it! Interested? Hope to see you around! 🙂


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