What to get for the watch obsessed!

Who here has a person in their lives that are obsessed with watches?? I personally can think of a couple. So naturally since it’s the Holidays the first thing I thought I would get them was a watch. But because those who love watches already have quite the collection already finding a unique watch they would like without paying a fortune is pretty difficult. That’s where the Monthly Watch Club comes in. You can actually gift a monthly watch subscription! You can pay for just one month (one watch) or go all out and get them a full year.

Every watch individually always costs a lot more than you pay for the subscription so it’s definitely value for money since you can get a 90 dollar watch for just 25.

All of the watches are of good quality. Of course they are not high end but they have nice designs as well as sturdy materials. Plus it’s very nice having a new watch delivered at your door every month. Would definitely recommend for all the people who love watches.

Do you have friends that are OBSESSED with watches? Let me know in the comments below.

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* Post contains PR samples.

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