Leaving your pet back home? 

Recently I went on a 5-day vacation leaving my sweet dog at home with my grandmother. It was a difficult experience to say the least. She was obviously really sad and uncomfortable and I hated to see her like that but there are ways to make parting easier.

  • Vacation Mock-Up 

If you have the chance you can leave your pet with a friend for a couple of days. Leaving your pet for a short amount of time is going to let them know that even if you leave you will eventually come back. If you don’t have that chance you can have them in another part of the house or even the balcony (if the weather permits it and it is safe ) so they don’t see you. You should have a friend feed and walk them so that they don’t see you. Generally the days leading up to your trip leave them alone as long as possible so that they will get used to your absence.

  • Tire them out

The day prior to the trip play with them, take them out, run and do fun stuff together. If they are tired they are less likely to complain.

  • Ignore them 

Five to six hours before you have to leave be in the same space with your pet but do not engage. If you are not playing they are less likely to get sad that you left.

  • Give them your smell 

A lot of pets, and especially dogs recognize and engage with people based on their smell. If you give them something of low value that smells like you they will feel comforted and more at ease.

  • Live them with someone you trust 

The best way to feel ok leaving your little one behind is knowing that someone is giving them the best care as possible.

What do you do when you have to leave your pets? Let me know in the comments below!

10 thoughts on “Leaving your pet back home? 

  1. I used to have an amazing Labrador before and trust me, going away from him just for a day or at least to school was like hell! I couldn’t help, but look at his cute puppy eyes through the grills when I would slam it back and try to run!! But the times when I returned back I had never seen anyone more happier than him! Lovely pet you’ve got there 😊!!!!!


  2. My mum cried so much when we left our dog at home for the first time. But, the good news is, my dog is nearly 4 years old now and he is fine being left with a dog sitter when we go on our holidays or to work and my mum isn’t as upset anymore!😅❤️ Really good advice for new dog owners or for owners of dogs with anxiety!

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  3. Hey Naya thanks for the recent like on my new blog, I’ve justed started following you love the way you write your stories, especially this one 🙂 would be fab if you could follow me back please, I’m really new to all this so just trying to find my feet in the big wide world of blogging 🙂 have a fab weekend Tamara


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